Internationally Recognized Certificate (ISO 9606)

An international Institute of Welding Course

EA Institute  of Welding (EAIW) offers a course for welders at all levels of skill. Untrained, inexperienced trainees, with no previous level of education,  but with  appropriate  health, physical and mental capability, may enter the program. Trainees can however, enter at higher levels of this qualification   providing   the   candidate   passes  the   relevant theoretical   examination   and  successfully demonstrates the required practical skills at lower levels.

If a trainee can demonstrate  skills at an intermediate  or high   level it is possible to  by-pass the  lower  practical modules   completely. Welding Courses   are  presented   at  three theoretical  levels of training. Each  level is associated with a practical qualification  level.

EAIW  is  therefore   able   to   offer   customised   training programmes for individuals with specific requirements.

Course Duration

This depends on the capabilities  of each individual,student, but typically  12 weeks.

Course Content

This course  is presented  in three modules, all including both a theoretical (10 days) and practical  component (600 practical welding):  International Fillet Welder, International  Plate Welder and International Pipe Welder

Training  is carried  out using carbon steel materials  and consumables. Trainees can, at special request, specialise in alloy steels, stainless  steels or aluminum.

The curriculum includes the following processes:  manual metal arc welding (MMA), metal inert and metal active gas welding (MIG/ MAG), tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) and flux core arc welding (FCAW).

Each process takes a 12 week period and on completion a candidate is issued a International Certificate of Competence in the training received. The best welders receive a 6G welder qualification.

Outcomes of Training

Upon completion   of the course  trainees  will be able to:

  • Produce basic fillet, plate and pipe welds  depending   on the level of qualification
  • Have a basic  understanding   of the theory  of welding

Training Evaluation

Trainees  must demonstrate   the required  level of skill in accordance  with ASME section  IX or ISO 9606  and pass the required  theoretical examination.

The graduating welder receives Certificate of Competency from the EA Institute of Welding (EAIW) accredited by The South African Institute of Welding (SAIW) and Code Certification to ASME IX and ISO 9606 from the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS)